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Streamline Your Online Network Marketing Business by Outsourcing ...

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Nicole Dean Shares her Tips on Outsourcing

outsourcingToday I am going to share with you a guest bloggers post on Outsourcing. Nicole Dean is an expert author on blogging, online marketing and outsourcing.

She has some valuable tips for the network marketer and online marketer. Lets take a look at Nicole?s article and see how her tips can help you to get off your computer butt and streamline your online network marketing business.


How to Outsource Parts of Your Internet Business

By Nicole Deanoutsourcing

One of my favorite topics to discuss is outsourcing.

You?d be amazed how thinking about outsourcing and where to begin outsourcing flummoxes everyone from the newest newbies to the seasoned gurus and everyone in between.

Buy why? Why is it so very confusing? Most of us manage to outsource quite nicely in our day to day lives.

I oftentimes pose these questions to my coaching clients -

When you go to a restaurant, do you head back into the kitchen and cook your own food? (That?s just silly.)

And, if your appendix burst right now, would you go online to find out how to remove it yourself? (Please say ?no?.)

Of course not!

But, why do we think it?s OK to do everything ourselves in our businesses?

I can?t figure out what it is, but I think I?m starting to narrow it down.

* Fear of losing control.
* Not knowing who to outsource work to. (Needing a recommendation.)
* Not wanting to take the time to outsource. (You think: ?It?s quicker to do it myself.?)
* Costs. (Oftentimes, though, you can get help for a lot less than you think it?ll cost.)
* Lack of confidence in ourselves.
* Lack of confidence in the potential of our business.

No matter which of those it is, there comes a point with all of us, where you HAVE to outsource ? at least if you ever want to be able to go on a real vacation where you leave the internet behind and relax with your loved ones.

I know. I know. If you?ve been following me for any amount of time ? you?ve heard this song and dance before. BUT! While outsourcing isn?t perfect, it?s a heck of a lot better than putting the chains on your wrists from a job that you?ve created for yourself ? one where you can?t escape.

So, my #1 tip for outsourcing is to try it.

Choose something small and work from there.

  • Submitting some articles that you?ve written to the article directories.
  • Finding blogs to guest post on and contacting the owners.
  • Answering some emails regarding customer issues.
  • Graphics to promote your products.

It really doesn?t matter where you start. The big thing is taking that first step so that you can enjoy the FREEDOM that comes with the online lifestyle.

Start small. Don?t go crazy. But, when you find someone who you work well with ? build on that relationship so you have access to great people who know your style and who you?re comfortable working with. When I need a project done, I have my own personal rolodex of fabulously skilled people who I turn to on a regular basis. Not only does it save me time ? but it also helps me to get great prices because they already know what I like, they know that I?m easy to work with and that I pay on time.

I hope this inspires you to start outsourcing in your business.

Nicole Dean can help you to get more done in your business without going crazy in the process. Yes, you can have a business AND a Life! Check out and sign up for her free ?Outsourcing Mistakes? lessons on the top of the page to get started.


Some additional thoughts -

outsourcingNicole makes some great points?

What is your time worth? Take a moment and really think about this question. You should already have an answer after reading Nicole?s article.

To Me, my time is priceless...

I would rather concentrate on what it is going to take to build my network marketing business, generating more leads and talking to people?

Then sitting behind my computer till weird hours of the night.

When I learned how to use marketing tools like TribePro, Onlywire, Tweetadder and Pingler to outsource a few of my marketing tasks? I found I was having more time to connect with new leads, focus more on my network marketing business and my family.

If your a network marketer your focus should also be on generating more leads and talking to people. Right?

To learn more about outsourcing, how I generate more leads, online marketing strategies, and blogging? partner with me and my mastermind team of marketers. WE can show you how!!

Unless of course, you already have to many leads to handle ? and a team of people who outsource for you!



Until Next Time ? Build Today For A Better Future Tomorrow!!



PS. ? Now it?s your turn?

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